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Reseapro Scientific Services (P) Limited is a leading research service based company specializing in providing customized and on-demand scientific solutions and expert knowledge to our customers worldwide to realize and achieve their maximum potential.

What is InScholar?

InScholar is designed to improve the reading and comprehension skills of users by offering them one passage of current news-related text and then taking them through a cycle of multiple-choice questions based on that passage.


Who can benefit from InScholar?

InScholar is a proven process for English learning for more than a decade. It has helped a wide spectrum of users including school, college, and university students; businesspersons; and officegoers. The four different levels of learning modules ensure that there is one module to fit every prospective user.   

The main advantages of InScholar over other learning tools include:

  • Highly Interactive program
  • Fresh content each day, a total of 20-25 articles a month.
  • Five selected vocabs each day, 25 words a week
  • Text synced with audio narrated by a native American.
  • Weekly reviews to brush up the week’s learning



All these benefits of InScholar come at a surprisingly low price.

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What is EngScholar?

EngScholar has been designed for mastery over vocabulary after careful consideration of the user’s requirement and ease of learning. Since it is a measurable learning activity, users can monitor the improvement in their vocabulary repertoire as they progress through the learning modules.


How EngScholar works

EngScholar uses the 'card boxes' approach developed by Dr Sebestian Leitner in the 1970s by adapting it to the digital medium to enable learning in a recreational and entertaining method.


Who can benefit from EngScholar?

EngScholar is designed to help scholars, academicians, teachers, professionals, and the laity. All stand to gain immensely only by devoting few minutes to EngScholar. For all users, EngScholar analyzes specific needs and develops a personalized learning course that focuses on the most essential words they need to master.

With its vocabulary bank covering thousands of words, EngScholar can help students prepare for exams like SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and TOEIC, which demand excellence in English vocabulary and serve as stepping-stones to a successful career for many students

Course Details

Course Type Course Name Duration Course Details Fee (INR.) Apply
EngScholar Silver Plan 3 Months View


EngScholar Gold Plan 6 Months View


EngScholar Diamond Plan 9 Months View


EngScholar Platinum Plan 12 Months View


InScholar Beginner: Articles of about 120 words each (20-25 articles) 1 Month View


InScholar Basic: Articles of about 180 words each (20-25 articles) 1 Month View


InScholar Intermediate: Articles of about 270 word each (20-25 articles) 1 Month View


InScholar Advanced: Articles of about 350 words each (20-25 articles) 1 Month View



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