Digital Training


Digital Training

Digital Training – Table of Content

       Module 1:

       Introduction to entrepreneurship

       Difference between inventors and entrepreneurs

       Entrepreneurial competencies and personality traits

       Characteristics and skills of an entrepreneur

       Successful business models


       Module 2:

       Basics of project feasibility study

       Sources of ideas

       Researching and screening the opportunities

       Market research 

       Preparing a blue print  

       Business plan and projection

       Industry and competitor analysis

       Analysis of situation,

       Various approaches to solve a problem

       SWOT analysis

       Module 3:

       Stages of Effective Entrepreneurial Development

       Stage 1: Identify work area

       Sources of start-up capital

       Conception of a business plan

       Stage 2: Build a vision

       Set long-term goals

       Identify and acquire resources

       Stage 3: Create a business plan

       Presenting business plan to investor

       Focus on business stabilization

       Stage 4: Project implementation

       Execution of plan

       Work towards growth and resource maturity,

       Elevator pitch

       Module 4:

       Business Management Skills

       Personal development

       Goal setting

       Time management

       Team building

       Leadership skills,

       Types of leaderships

       Business development

       Technology and Marketing

       Five forces model

       Marketing strategies and principles

       Segmentation, targeting and positioning

       Financial planning

       Legal requirements



       Module 5: Overcoming Barriers

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