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Content Writer

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About the Job/ Job Description:
1. Technical Content Writing.
2. Perform ad hoc research to develop and produce new web based and print content.
3. Develop content to demonstrate organizations impact on industry.
4. Draft & edit assigned editorials, talking points & press releases.
5. Create and post timely content on organizations website.
6. Function as organizations lead social networker and manage 7. social media presence.
8. write on a deadline

Preferable :-
1. Digital Marketing knowledge with focus in Content Development and reporting, knowledge of SEM & SEO.
2. Develop other relevant media outlets to support and expand our digital presence
3. Maintain existing Social Media profiles and quality content

DPI Infotech is a global IT solutions provider that provides support and momentum to emerging & established businesses in the areas of IT consulting, website development, social networking, custom software development, graphics & mutimedia, customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, search engine optimization, application integration and maintenance and many more.

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