Being a Hero @ Studentingera

2016-09-27 17:57:29

Being a Hero @ Studentingera

We generally assert the term HERO to an individual who exceeds normal human expectations in some capacities and outperforms beyond human boundaries. Whether it is Malala Yousafzai who took a bullet for the right to education for girls or Svetlana Alexandrovna Alexievich, the Nobel laureate for literature. Human beings are defined by excellence and love to nurture it. That is what Studenting era seeks to fulfill.

Our HERO Program is an offering like never before. Not only are we providing you a one stop portal for all your academic and lifestyle needs as a student, we are also encouraging a community that is symbiotic in nature. Where seniors and juniors interact, exchange notes and study materials, build a symbiotic community enhancing your academic purposes. The most important supportfor a student’sacademic life are ‘notes’ and ‘reference materials’. Having access to those documents that re-define classroom education beyond learning hours is a great help for you as a student. That is exactly is what we are bringing to you.

As a part of the HERO Program, once you register, you have the ability to upload notesor self-made study material onto the portal and be seen for your excellence and ability. The ability to grasp a topic and make better reference material around it, is what helps a student in his or her academic performance. You are not only contributing to the student community but helping steer the students into better understanding on a holistic level.

The more valuable your notes, the more you are awarded by us. Giving you access to a world of goodies from our side.

  1. Upload your notes along with a profile description &your photograph.
  2. Any great content is always recognized. Get recognized &be followed by your juniors across from world.
  3. You get privileged access to webinars from Thought Leaders and Industry Stalwarts, from us.
  4. You get highlighted and acknowledged at the Studenting era site.
  5. For every upload you get 5 crowns, accumulate them and claim gifts of your wish from our 'Refer and Redeem' section .

Hence, get appreciated and be recognized as an icon.An icon in the student communityand you also get countless goodies and special program benefits.
‘Be the HERO… for today and lead the tomorrow.’

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