A Digital Student Portal: your library in the Digital Age

2016-09-27 17:49:43

A Digital Student Portal: your library in the Digital Age

Studentingera is a portal catering to a student’s academic and lifestyle needs. An ecosystem that will harbor student communities, discussions, notes, webinars, and other assets that are there to benefit anyone in the education industry. By ‘everything being digital and enabling the vision of digital India’ –
As it promises to offer the world to you, it indeed is going to fulfill that. Such an ecosystem will also contribute to the creation of a library for the Digital Age. The portal follows a number of different offerings and models of interaction. Pooling and disseminating community experts and students on focused topics. This engenders and will keep on spawning a plethora of materials, all for the enquirer to use and be benefitted by:

  1. Notes:Notes and self-made study materials from fellow students, seniors and Alumni for the community on focused topics.
  2. Vlogs entries: Live talk show recordings and entries from industry experts to interviews from thought leaders on focused topics.
  3. Discussions:From topic discussions and replies to the same, they tend to create answers and guides for questions any student usually arises into when engaging a certain topic.
  4. Whitepapers: Get access to whitepapers and materials from seminars floated by your fellow students or community experts.

It becomes a library, that can be accessed by you from anywhere for any queries. The best part is that all of these materials will be beyond the basic assigned value for a student, as

  1. It has live validations.
  2. Helping in keeping track and understanding updated trends.
  3. Various better ways to solve questions, e.g. Math equations.
  4. And, a constant personal connect with anyone a student chooses.

Where Studentingera is concerned, they will ensure that this platform is thelibrary, where you find the preeminent answers. Facilitatingconstant validation checksand search engine optimization activities. Connecting the solution to a student’s query, more focused and less time consuming. ‘Parenting them towards success’…

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