What are the things you`re holding as an entrepreneur?

2017-09-15 13:00:10

What are the things you`re holding as an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship!Is it an innate ability, present from birth or a learned behaviour?
Any venture starts with an opportunity, a person and an idea.
So, what are the Entrepreneurial traits that you`re holding?

1. You`re Determined to never crumble under pressure and constantly reaching for new achievements, never resting in your comfort zone.

2. You`re a Born Risk taker,taking calculated risks along the way.

3. You hold High levels of Confidence and consider that big challenges breed big rewards.

4. You always Crave learning;with constant changes and evolving times- you know constant learning will enable you to stay ahead and be aware of your surroundings.

5. You Accept failure as one of the secrets to success since some of the best ideas arise from it.

6. You`re Passionate about your business and ready to face the long days & nights along the way your business will consume you.

7. You`re Highly adaptable and are Aware that there will be surprises around every corner, even with a well thought out plan and strategy. You stand strong with a Never Say Die` attitude and pursue things till they`re finished successfully with an ability to respond quickly in any situation.

8. You have a good understanding of Money Management having a basic and clear financial map planned out for your business.

9. You`re an Expert at Networking and understand that building value based relationships are truly meaningful not only for your business in the current scenario but for the potential future as well.

10. You`re Always Curious by wondering `why`, you tend to get to the bottom line of any issue and believe in taking action, coming up with new & undiscovered solutions.

11. You see the Bigger Picture of your Vision and have the Ability to Sell/ Promote your solution, vision and creation.

Some of us are naturally predisposed to success in entrepreneurship and mentorship, holding the above characteristics. However, one doesn`t have to be born this way. With structured training and adequate practise, you too can master the Era of Entrepreneurship successfully.

As we are moving towards a progressive economy, there is a need for vigorous innovation and out-of-the-box-thinking. The world needs transformational businesses along with the influx of first generation entrepreneurs.

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