9 positive habits every student must have

2016-12-20 16:13:48

9 positive habits every student must have

There is a very simple equation of life. Either you are happy or you are not. But you can make yourself happy for all you need is a fresher perspective and effort.

1. Pay attention to events, especially the good ones: We all celebrate our achievements, but positive people have a tendency to notice smaller achievements and feel good about it.

2. Smile: We all tend to be engulfed with stress and bad thoughts. Also thoughts of helplessness, but once you start smiling and feeling good, the act of positive thought also comes in.

3. Your ability to recover: It is medically proven that one’s ability to recover is beyond happiness. It a weapon of strength that one person develops.

4. Acts of charity: We tend to understand that charity means monetary involvement. That is not correct. Spending your time in social causes. At animal shelters or teaching underprivileged children. It looks good for your college application too.

5. Keeping in Touch: At this point in life, people tend to be very rebellious and you take every relationship for granted. Don’t! Keep in touch, you will see how happy you feel when everyone knows you are there for them.

6. Travel: This is the age where you can pick up a backpack and travel. Once college is over and before joining a job or before joining college after school, use the time to travel. Take a break and go somewhere, even to the hills near your city. Explore, take pictures and experience.

7. Spirituality: No one needs to define God, or you don’t have to figure out religion. All you need to understand that every religious or doctrine guidance only preaches compassion, gratitude, respect for all living beings and love. It is important to have an anchor that gives you peace while you are running the eternal race.

8. Exercise: It is medically proven that exercise not only makes you physically fit but also mentally. Working out releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy. Choose a sport that you enjoy and never leave it no matter how busy life is going to get.

9. Laugh:We all know that laughter is the best medicine, but we tend to lose it to the seriousness of life. Laugh as often as you can. No matter what the reason is and you will see the change.

Life has many reasons to pull you down and there will always be excuses. But it is very important to realize now that it is your life and what you do to it is your responsibility. So why not make this journey memorable?!
By Abhimanyu Bose

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