Keep your mind sharp in 3 ways.

2016-12-13 12:12:13

Keep your mind sharp in 3 ways.

Keep your mind sharp in 3 ways.

Every day we are flooded with more and more information. Our lively hood depends on what we remember and how we remember it. Also, we are a part of a world that thrives on ideas, intellectuality and creativity. A sharp mind also ensures giving us a competitive edge.
The practices are:

1. A lifelong journey of reading, experiencing and absorbing theculture.

Not sounding ‘typical’ but education is not life but it one of the very basic foundations of life. It should involve both inclusive and exclusive learning. Read things that are within your field of interest and also outside your field of interest. Constantly broadening your horizon is extremely beneficial.

2. Learn something new.

Whether it is a new craft, an instrument, and new language. Learn something new as early in life as you can. For you will be amazed as to how much of a difference or what new avenues with your thought process learning a new skill helps to open.

3. A great way of living (eat healthy, sleep properly and exercise).

With all the activities around us, that keeps on increasing we tend to forget the importance of a healthy life and body. Like every living organism on this planet, even your body needs a healthy sustenance to sustain its existence. You would be amazed how much positive and happy you can feel after a healthy meal, a good night’s sleep and after working out.

A healthy mind is a road and practice of happiness. For when your mind is in greater form there are certain things that happen.

  1. You tend to feel more motivated and focused.
  2. You end up getting more things done.
  3. Your creativity and creative thought increase.
  4. You feel more inspired.
  5. Your memory increases.
  6. You end up experiencing life better.

By Abhimanyu Bose

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