Entrepreneurial Thinking while in College

2016-11-23 11:31:17

Entrepreneurial Thinking while in College

When the word entrepreneur highlights in any conversation, people tend to associate it with starting their own business. Even though the definition suggests that, it is not the exact story.

There is no set, everyone can think like an entrepreneur...especially when one is in college.

The benefits of conducting yourself like an entrepreneur, is having the ability to expose yourself to randomness and being very very optimistic.

A college ambiance has its own influences. Some groom students into lifelong learners and some into professionals.

But, it is up to you how you accept it, nourish it. If there is truly a gap that you think a solution can fill or your dream needs to take flight? It is time to act and groom yourself while you are in college. Facebook did start amongst a group of friends in college.

Some experiences you can start with:

1. Calling your professors: The entire act of cold calling and the uncomfortableness associated with it, get it over by calling and constantly being in touch with your professors.

2. Networking: As in one of the previous articles, I had mentioned that networking should start at the earliest levels of one’s life, especially in college.

3. Steps to success: Pulling all-nighters and going from A- to A+ doesn’t help. Constantly taken things step by step and building into your goals are always better.

4. Take the intellectual risk now: Challenge your mind and ideas, get reviews and criticism, as an entrepreneur you need to take risks, but you can start with the intellectual risk, i.e. the validity of your idea.

5. Focus on the experience: Though you might have heard that a lot of the great entrepreneurs out there have dropped out of college and so on, but it is not worth it now. Have the experience, don’t give up for you meet a lot of people who would guide you better towards your goal.

When you would be looking back 15 years from now, you might find out that the time you spent re-structuring yourself into an entrepreneurial role, actually made your college experience truly rewarding.

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